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Functions of Plumbing supplies and where to buy

Functions of Plumbing supplies and where to buy

There are various plumbing supplies that a plumber requires to execute the job. Some of the plumbing materials include

Hose cutter

They are used to cut copper tubing.


Wrenches come in different styles and sizes. The jaw head and handle have various shapes and they can be toothed or smooth. They hold tubes when dealing with various fixtures such as detaching and moving.

Pipe bender

This tool is used to bend pipes. Sometimes when installing pipes the plumber meets with a corner and the pipe bender shapes the pipe according to the turns.


These are cameras that are fixed on sewer lines and drainages. To be inserted on the sewer line they are fastened on long flexible cables. They are used on professionals to get a clear picture of what they are working on.

Plumbers tape

It is also referred to as thread sealing tape. The sealing tape is applied on valves, faucets, showerheads, as well as on threaded plumbing areas. The sealing tape is used to prevent leaks on fittings and pipes.


Washers are disc-shaped with a hole at the centre. They are used to control the way water flows from showerheads and faucets. (Buy Plumbing)


The pipes and drainages are blocked frequently due to buildup. To unblock the pipes, plungers are used and they are very crucial to the plumber. (

Channel locks

They are also known as tongue or groove pliers. They are used when the plumber needs two pliers of the same size. One is used to hold and stabilize one pipe and the other to unscrew or loosen the other pipe. (

Tape measure

There are plenty of jobs apart from plumbing that uses a tape measure. A tape measure is an essential tool in plumbing because the job requires exact measurements. They are used to measure things.


Screw drivers are found in almost all types of handy jobs. They are very essential tools and thus should not be left out. They are used for screwing, screws, nuts and nails and they can be found in different sizes, shapes and varieties.

Plastic pipes and tube cutters

To remove or cut plastic or copper pipes, tube cutters are used. Depending on the thickness of the pipe, the head of the cutter can be adjusted. The cutters are clamped on the pipe and rotated repeatedly until the pipe cuts.
There are many plumbing supplies but we have discussed a few.

So how does the plumber find good value parts for plumbing?

There are various shops and places to look for high-quality plumbing materials.
There are online stores that stock plumbing materials and supplies. Online stores are useful as they help the buyers look at the specifications and pricing.

Industrial supply houses- these stores offer all their goods at a discount.
Local hardware shop- At the local hardware shop you will find all the goods you need. However, the pricing of supplies at hardware stores is a bit high and cannot compare to the others. Every plumber has a shop they frequent for their supplies.