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The Supplies You’ll Need to Fix Your Leaky Pipe

Leaky pipes are a common problem for many homeowners, but the good news is that they’re pretty easy to fix. There are different types of plumbing supplies that you can use, and each type is designed for a specific problem. Here’s what the plumber will probably need to fix your leaky pipe.

A Plunger

the plunger is the most basic and common tool that plumbers use to fix clogged drains. To properly use a plunger, add some dish soap or laundry detergent to the water in your sink so it can create bubbles when you plunge.

Pipe Wrench or Pliers

You’ll want these in case there’s any corrosion on the inside of the wall where the pipes enter and exit. This could be enough to prevent you from turning off your water supply entirely! These tools both work well for this job.


If your piping has been corroded underneath too much, it may be necessary to cut out part of one section so that you’re left with room to add something new without creating a hazard for someone who may have to come in and fix a leak later on.

Pipe Expander

This tool allows you to add new piping into the wall without having it bump into any other pipes or obstructions that may be behind your drywall. It will simply expand so there’s enough room for everything, which is probably necessary if you’ve got corroded piping underneath where the main water line enters from outside of your home!

Pipe Sealant

This is for covering any holes that are used to run new piping through the walls of your home. It’s not necessary, but it will make sure no air and moisture can get in while also ensuring nothing else like insects gets inside!


There are also many types of tools available for purchase so it’s important to do the proper research before purchasing anything! This will ensure all items work together well and do not cause more harm than good when used in combination with others.